Early registration- $275          After October 25th- $325          Individual Sessions- $50


Monday Afternoon- November 9th 1:00-4:30

Introductions and Welcome   1:00-1:30
1) A Qualified Workforce: Core Competencies for Prevention Specialists- Julie Stevens, MPS, ACPS, ICPS
2) Establishing Effective Youth and Adult Partnerships- Alicia Rosas, B.S.
3) Tips & Tricks for Virtual Facilitation- Jessica Andrews-Wilson, MS, ICPS

Tuesday Morning- November 10th 9:00-12:00
4) How to Foster and Maintain Your Emotional Health- Maura McGowan, CPS
5) Suicide Prevention in the Day of Distancing- Susie Reynolds Reece
6) You Matter, IT DOESN’T leaving your IT BEHIND!- Bobby Petrocelli, M.A. Counseling, NSA CSP

Tuesday Afternoon- November 10th 1:30-4:30
7) The Power of Every Decision- Bobby Petrocelli, M.A. Counseling, NSA CSP
8) The Art of Safe Storytelling: Using Stories to Heal- Susie Reynolds Reece
9) The 5 Ps of Facilitation- Jessica Andrews-Wilson, MS, ICPS

Wednesday Morning- November 11th 9:00-12:00
10) Ethics and Social Media: An Advanced Course- Sandra Del Sesto, M.Ed., ACPS
11) Social Determinants of Mental Health- Julie Stevens, MPS, ACPS, ICPS
12) Behavioral Nutrition-What does that have to do with prevention?- Marcia Baker, PhD, LPC, LCDC, MAC, ACPS

Wednesday Afternoon– November 11th 1:30-4:30
13) Maintaining Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic- Marcia Baker, PhD, LPC, LCDC, MAC, ACPS
14) Mental Health, Drug Use and Our Community- Jonathan Edwards MEd, LPC-Intern, CPS, JSO & Adam Barrera B.S., CHW
15) Prevention Practices to Reduce Disparities and Increase Positive Outcomes- Albert Gay, MS

Thursday Morning- November 12th 9:00-12:00
16) The Importance of Understanding and Communicating Outcomes- Kendra Tapie, M.Ed. ACPS
17) The Evolution of Marijuana Policies and Where Prevention Fits In- Scott Gagnon, MPP, PS-C
18) Managing Volunteers to Maximize Success- Brent Blackburn, CPS

Thursday Afternoon- November 12th 1:30-4:30
19) Pushing Beyond Cultural Competency- Michael W. Davis, Ph.D., ICPS
20) Increasing Engagement across Sectors through Shared Risk & Protective Factors- Marissa Carlson, MS, CPS
21) Pulling Teeth or Working with Young People?- Brent Blackburn, CPS

Friday Morning- November 13th 9:00-12:00
22) People of Color and the Issues Around COVID 19- Dolka Michelle Zelaya, CPS
23) Effects of Alcohol on the Adolescent Brain   (ATOD Specific)- Alicia Rosas, B.S.
24) Marijuana Myths   (ATOD Specific)- Rudy Garcia, CPS, LCDC